03/23/19 07:10:44 UTC
257.800 MHz
Providence, RI Tower frequency
03/22/19 22:27:22 UTC
127.350 MHz
in flight emergency -- cabin door light turned on
03/21/19 01:17:31 UTC
311.0 MHz
LUCKY32 giving fuel information> Currently plotting over Winston Salem NC
03/19/19 01:37:07 UTC
133.9 MHz
03/18/19 21:26:26 UTC
350.025 MHz
OMAHA ?? calling CBP

03/23/19 17:14:10 UTC
38.050 MHz
"...coming over..." single in-the-clear transmission, bracketed by long strings of presumed encryption. clarity and signal strength indicate local to Badin NC area at the time. 03/19/2019 1930h -AJ
03/23/19 17:10:30 UTC
32.850 MHz
"...charlie, radio check..." single in-the-clear transmission, bracketed by long strings of presumed encryption 03/18/2019 1924h -AJ
03/23/19 16:58:55 UTC
36.800 MHz
Helo to helo "ATLAS81, all jumpers on the ground?" 03/21/2019,1515h -AJ
03/23/19 16:56:12 UTC
41.300 MHz
"SMUGGLER on Fox Mike" calling to ATLAS. also CRUSADER heard co-ord w/ both. ATLAS and SMUGGLER doing HALO PJE with CRUSADER in same area working w/ JTAC (HARDROCK). afternoon 03/21/2019-AJ
03/23/19 16:51:06 UTC
32.100 MHz
Helo Air-to-Ground traffic incl: "KILLDEVIL63, HLZ is ICE" & other Tx's throughout day. "ICE" may be mis-heard 03/20/2019 -AJ
03/13/19 21:02:22 UTC
36.700 MHz
A2A helo chit chat, operational stuff etc discussing areas in central NC - afternoon 03/13/2019 -AJ
03/13/19 21:00:11 UTC
44.800 MHz
"Flight Check 27, four four point eight fox mike radio check" afternoon 03/13/2019 -AJ

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