09/16/21 18:30:19 UTC
306.8 MHz
air-air traffic possibly VFA-83 from Oceana
09/16/21 15:59:36 UTC
235.100 MHz
Mid-air re-fueling training
09/16/21 15:11:34 UTC
276.500 MHz
Mid-air re-fueling training
09/16/21 00:12:22 UTC
240.350 MHz
Mid-air re-fueling training
09/15/21 18:16:03 UTC
251.75 MHz
Oceana NAS VFA-34 ops

08/30/21 16:04:13 UTC
122.900 MHz
Heard being declared as UNICOM for Bear Creek (NC79) 08-29-2021 -AJ
08/24/21 19:25:07 UTC
121.775 MHz
per KMEB LAURINBURG-MAXTON NOTAM 08/006 - SVC TEMPO TWR LOCAL CTL 121.775, GCA CTL 140.15 DLY 1200-2100. 24 AUG 12:00 2021 UNTIL 27 AUG 21:00 2021. CREATED: 23 AUG 16:32 2021 -AJ
07/26/21 15:43:59 UTC
140.150 MHz
NOTAM for KMEB LAURINBURG-MAXTON 07/006 - SVC TEMPO TWR LOCAL CTL 122.8, GCA CTL 140.15. 30 JUL 12:00 2021 UNTIL 30 JUL 16:00 2021. CREATED: 26 JUL 12:55 2021. 1 of 3 covering July26-30. -AJ
07/07/21 16:21:19 UTC
40.775 MHz
06/09/21 17:50:56 UTC
299.30 MHz
Couple of FA-18's from Beaufort Marine Corp Air Station or better known as BMCAS
06/03/21 19:38:53 UTC
260.725 MHz
Copy we are inbound at this time
05/31/21 16:08:14 UTC
69.425 MHz
Third party report of frequency being in use in vic of Concord NC approx 1700h. 2x UH-60M, 07-20035 (AE47E5) and 07-20063 (AE47FC) seen in the area of KJQF on ADSBexchange just prior to the 2021 Coca-Cola 600. Prev noted in use by demo team helos, one being VIPER188 at 2019 Coca-Cola 600. 5/30/2021 -AJ

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Library of Recorded Audio Clips

Here you will find various Recorded Audio clips from my Listening Shack. You are welcome to listen as well as link to this page. However PLEASE do not link directly to the sound file. Since we log the IP addresses of everyfile access it's very easy to track down someone who has linked directly to a sound file. Again you are welcome to link to this page or our home page of MilRadioComms.com

Unless otherwise noted all audio on this page was recorded by MilRadioComms.

MilAirComms Audio Library

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032414-300900.mp3 BALLAST(sp) Unknown Aircraft Calling Ground Target to Hit 03/24/2014: These comms were recorded on 300.900 MHz. I am not sure where they were however this frequency is listed as an Avon Park freq. This is the first I've ever logged comms on this freq. Aircraft callsigns involved were SPAD 21, SPOOKY (possible C-130 Gun Ship), RAPTOR 12, MASSEY(sp) BALLAST(sp) and STRIKER.
022314-235250.mp3 USAF Thunderbird Flyover Comms at Daytona 500 Race. 02/23/2014: These comms were recorded on 235.250 MHz, Thunderbird Control frequency. You'll be able to hear the pilot of Thunderbird 7 located somewhere at the track talking to Thunderbird 1 in order to get the timing of the flyover perfect. You'll hear him say "we're 4 seconds early" meaning the person singing the National Anthem was going to finish 4 seconds early, and of course the Thunderbirds made the adjustment....just amazing!
021214-293600.mp3 F-15's dogfighting over the Atlantic, E-3B calling the shots. 02/12/2014: Just another typical day of listening to Military Air Traffic training off the Atlantic Coast of Florida... FANG callsign is that of Florida Air National Guard F-15's THUMPER callsign is the backend call of an E-3B out of the 552nd Air Control Wing, Tinker AFB. The frequency was 293.600 MHz. The best I can tell, this training was taking place about 60 miles East of Jacksonville.
Possible NASA Flight Testing? 02/13/2014: For the last two days I've run into what sounds like flight testing on 229.000 MHz. Yesterday an aircraft, callsign PROJECT, started with a cuban eight maneuver then called remaining fuel. He did a total of 10 maneuvers, each time calling out fuel. Then he was done. Today same aircraft was talking about 'max roll', talking about reviewing tapes, and a lot of talk about gimbels. I believe this is a frequency used by NASA, and I"m about 30 miles north of Kennedy Space Center.
sb-2014-1630-2300est.mp3 Super Bowl Comms Combat Air Patrol & Police Helos 02/02/2014 @ 1630 - 2300 EST. This recording is of the Combat Air Patrol (CAP), NORAD (HUNTRESS), and Customs Border Patrol (OMAHA) comms while flying cover for the Super Bowl. There are some police helo comms mixed into this recording. After posting what I thought the good CAP frequencies would be on LiveATC.net Tom added the freqs to LiveATC.net streaming audio system. They captured some good CAP mission audio. I thank Tom for allowing me to use the audio on MilAirComms.com. Please pay a visit to Dave's website LiveATC.net for some excellent civilian aviation info, freqs, streaming audio and some funny recorded audio. Thanks Dave, Tom and LiveATC.net.
012114-273900.mp3 Military Aircraft Declaring Emergency 01/21/2014 @ 1524 EST A pair of aircraft were talking on 273.900 MHz. This freq is a Florida Air National Guard SOF frequency. One of the aircraft on this freq declares an emergency. Never found out who it was or much more than what is in the recording. Its not the best recording, but it is something you don't hear everyday.
120413-375700.mp3 Video Type Tones on MilAir UHF 12/05/2013 @ 1345 EST Strange series of tones on 375.700 MHz. This frequency is being used by BEAR (E-2C) in support of the COMPTUEX exercises off the Central Florida coast.
120413-287000.mp3 How Many Chicks You Have On Board?. 12/04/2013 @ 1530 EST This is a recording of the Boom Op freq of BOLT 07 (KC-135 McDill AFB, Tampa) while conducting air refuel operations in support of COMPUTEX exercises over the Central Florida coast. About half way though this recording you'll hear BANSHEE 16 ask the female (the one with the cute voice!) 'How many chicks you have on board?'.
080313-233400.mp3 Unknown Foreign Voices on 233.400 MHz for the second time. 08/29/2013 @ 1115 EDT 1 pilot with a foreign voice makes reference to the "Space Shuttle Facility". If you scroll down you'll see another recording on this frequency, also with foreign voices.
080813-330200.mp3 Mystery Tones on 330.200 MHz 08/08/2013 @ 1240 EDT A week or so ago I ran across this frequency in a search. The short tone's repeat every 2 minutes, at times there will be a 3 minute gap before repeating every 2 minutes. This frequency is used by ILS Glideslope's however the nearest airport with a glideslope on this frequency is 50 miles away. I don't think I'm picking up a glideslope. Any thoughts?
080313-233400=convoytoandros.mp3 Andros Island Secret Base still operating. 08/03/2013 @ 1002 EDT I heard CONVOY 3968 calling Patrick Control on 225.050 MHz asking Patrick about weather while flying to Andros Island.
080313-233400.mp3 Unknown Foreign Voices on 233.400 MHz 08/03/2013 @ 1423 EDT This frequency I found a few days ago and was unable to identify anything other than a callsign that sounded like RECAST. However today (08/03/2013) I catch several transmissions with a very heavy foreign accent. Parts of the transmission don't sound like English.
tbirddaytona500-022612.mp3 USAF Thunderbirds - Daytona 500 Flyover 02/26/2012 @ 1300 EST Thunderbirds taking to Daytona Approach on 322.3000 MHz regarding the Fly-Over for the Daytona 500 Race. Interesting observation, none of the published 'TBIRD' frequencies were used.
hawk-01-30-2012-266625.mp3 HAWK flight (VFA-136, F-18E) 01/30/2012 @ 1500 EST Comms of F-18E Hornests inroute to USS Enterprise from Pine Castle range talking about people listening in. About 35 seconds into the recording you'll hear 1 pilot use the "F" word. Don't let your children listen! This was on 266.625 MHz.
dragnet-01-06-2012-283400.mp3 DRAGNET (AWACS aircraft) Calling Air Targets 01/06/2012 @ 1600 EST Some nice comms of an AWACS (Callsign Dragnet) directing various Navy Fighters to air targets. These comms probably took place off the Georgia and/or North Florida coast. In the middle of the recording you'll hear DRAGNET climbing to FL250 (25,000') to allow a LIFEFLIGHT aircraft to pass. These comms were recorded on 283.4000 MHz
sts135-07-21-11-0555-259700.mp3 STS-135 A/G Comms - Last Shuttle Landing 07/21/2011 @ 0555 EDT (The End). This is the Air/Ground comms from the Shuttle (STS-135) as it lands at the Kennedy Space Center. Comms recorded from Ponce Inlet, FL.
sts135-072011-0646edt-259700.mp3 STS-135 A/G Comms 07/20/2011 @ 06:46 EDT. I was picking up STS-135 in orbit on 259.7000 MHz AM. While its common to hear Air/Ground comms on this freq from the shuttle during lunch and landing, its a rare event to hear this freq active during orbit.
sts135-07-08-11-259700.mp3 STS-135 A/G Comms 07/08/2011 @ 11:26 EDT. This is the actual Shuttle-Ground radio commuications on 259.7000 MHz AM. During the first couple calls you can hear both sides of the comms, the ground xmitter is located just 1/2 mile south of me at the Ponce De Leon (PDL) Tracking Station. Here Is More Info On PDL. After the 2nd call you do not hear PDL because the groundside of comms are switched to another station, PDL usually is used only until "Go At Throttle Up" call is made. Its fitting, the last shuttle lunch had the most comms ever on this frequency! This is a VOX recording so you don't have long pauses between comms.
sts134-05-16-11-259700.mp3 STS-134 A/G Comms 05/16/2011 @ 0900 EDT. This is the actual Go For Throttle Up Call. This recording was of A/G comms on 259.7000 AM. You'll also hear the negative return call. This is a VOX recording so you don't have long pauses between comms.
limakilo263_emergency.mp3 NAVY LIMA KILO 263 Engine Fire 04/19/2011 @ 1610 EDT. Navy (possible P-3) based out of NAS JAX declares an emergency due to engine fire. 1 engine is shut down. At the time of this recording there were 14 soles on board and 2 hours fuel. This recording is of LIMA KILO 263 talking with SEALORD controller on 267.5000 MHz. Sorry the audio is a bit low, not sure as to the reason as signal strength here was good. LIMA KILO 263 then switched to Jacksonville Approach 118.000 MHz, again stressing she had declared an emergency.
jetblue136_emergency.mp3 JET BLUE 136 About to Declare Emergency 04/10/2011 @ 1420 EDT. You will hear JETBLUE136 talking with their Dispatch/Maintence on 131.175 MHz. On take-off from Ft. Myers aircraft made a hard jerk to the right. At first pilot thought it was an engine failure the jerk was so hard. They are now under impression it is a landing gear strut failed. They are continuing to JFK, when in contact with Washington Center they will then Declare an emergency and land JFK. CLICK HERE for a map of were Jet Blue 136 was shortly after (about 10 minutes) the recording was made.
MilAir-040811.mp3 Training that took place in the SEALORD controlled 3 & 4 XRAY areas (see MAP) on 04/08/2011 around 1330 EDT. The players in this exercise were SNAKES, FANGS, and DRAGNET. Frequencies in this recording are 284.5000, 293.6000, 316.3000. Also heard in this recording are frequencies 355.2000 and 233.9500, not sure who these players were.
customsboarderpatrol-073010.mp3 CPB Plane Chase on 7/30/2010 These are comms from Customs Board Patrol and ICE. They are intercepting an aircraft somewhere along the Florida East coast. I think it started near Vero Beach and heading north
emergency-072610.mp3 MAKO 3 Declears Emergency On 7/27/2010 Mako 3 declears an in-flight emergency, shuts down 1 engine and flies to NAS Jacksonville, FL
search-3266750-071710.mp3 During Search, Unknown Freq - 326.6750 MHz On 7/17/2010 at about 1500 EDT (1900 UTC) I was doing a search of the MilAir UHF band and found this frequency (326.675 MHz).
milair-071610.mp3 Daily Military Air Recording 7/16/2010 This is a recording made of an entire day of listening. There are 6 BC-780-XLT scanners feeding a New Communications Solutions NCS-3230 Multi-RX audio mixer system. You'll be hearing audio from 6 scanners (about 2,000 frequencies). This is in VOX mode so you don't hear long pauses between commuications.
milair-071510.mp3 Daily Military Air Recording 7/15/2010
milair-071410.mp3 Daily Military Air Recording 7/14/2010
032410.mp3 US Customs & Boarder Patrol testing new Predator-B UAV at the Cape. For complete information on these comms involving flight testing please Click Here.

Super Bowl Combat Air Patrol Comms.On 2/5/2005 the Super Bowl was played in Jacksonville, FL, 95 miles to the North of my location. By being nearly 100 miles away there still were a lot of Military Comms to hear. I've broken up the entire monitoring session into 5 different files. What you will hear are NORAD F16's, F15's and NAVY P3 aircraft chasing aircraft out of the restricted airspace around the Jacksonville area. Also heard are mid-air refueling operations being conducted in support of this Combat Air Patrol (CAP) mission. All aircraft heard are loaded with weapons and ready to shoot down any aircraft which they feel is a threat.
spaceshipone.mp3 SpaceShipOne Makes History: First Manned Private Spaceflight Here are the actual air/ground comms of SpaceShipOne during its historic flight on 6/21/2004. These comms were recorded on 123.375 MHz. This audio is Courtesy of SCV Radio
iranianmissleattack.mp3 Gettysburg Being Attacked by Iranian Surface Units May 25, 2004 I snagged this comm on 282.2000 which is a USCG/USAF Search & Rescue freq. Unfortunately I was moving computer around in the shack and couldn't record the entire operation. The transmission mentioned something about a Kilo Class Submarine. Next mention was referencing ASW aircraft. Few minutes later heard another station callsign EchoZulo. lat/long given were 26-00N, 56-49E. Attentions are "PPRSUW6". Other callsign heard were Gettysburg and XrayZulo. Also mention made of "unknown Iranian surface units". Gettysburg was the callsign giving the above info. Proud Warrior was to launch.
110803tbirdsshow.mp3 US Airforce Thunderbirds This is the Thunderbird Audio during the Daytona Beach airshow on 11/8/03. The audio is about 40 minutes long.
UHF Comms Directing F-18 Bombing Raids on Pinecastle, FL Range - 9/10/2003 Aircraft off the USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier drop bombs on the Pinecastle range. Listen to actual recordings on 380.8000 MHz has scouts direct F/A-18 Hornets to their targets and drop their bombs.
091003hf-uss-enterprise.mp3 HF Comms from USS Enterprise Strike Group - Starting 9/10/2003 the USS Enterprise Strike Group was off our Florida Atlantic Coast conducting a major exercise. Many different ships and aircraft were involved in this exercise. This recording is of the HF Strike comms which were on 5399.6 KHz USB. For more information regarding this exercise Click Here
milsat-non-us-music.mp3 Music Picked Up form a Military Satellite - On July 20, 2003 at about 2130 EDT I picked this up on 254.1000 MHz FM. This frequency is a Military Satellite downlink frequency. As my satellite antenna wasn't yet mounted I just had it laying on a lawnchair. However when holding the antenna and aiming it at the satellite the signal quality was actually quite excellent. This was recorded off a BC780XLT scanner and 5 element yagi cut for 263.0000 MHz.
blueangel-trashtalk.mp3 USN Blue Angel Pilot Trash Talks Florida! - On April 25, 2003 US Navy Blue Angels arrive at Patrick AFB Florida for their Sunday Show. During a practice/orientation flight you'll hear what one of the pilots thinks of the Central East coast of Florida. Lets just say the words Trashy and Redneck were just a few the descripitve words used. Pay close attention about 45 seconds and 150 seconds into the audio.
042503blueangel.mp3 USN Blue Angels Arrive at Patrick AFB - On April 25, 2003 US Navy Blue Angels arrive at Patrick AFB Florida for their Sunday Show. Here you'll hear comms on 238.1500 (Diamond) 345.9000 (Solos) and 164.9000 (Ground Support).
032603-potus-cap.mp3 Combat Air Patrol Mission for POTUS Visit. - On March 26, 2003 CAP (Combat Air Patrol) was protecting the skies over Tampa Florida as President Bush was at the MacDill AFB. Near the beginning of the audio you'll hear an aircraft receive a warning for getting "too close". The warning was aired on the emergency freq of 121.5000, other CAP comms were on 265.4000 (NORAD) and 292.1000 (air-air).
032603airforceone.mp3 Airfoce One with Jacksonville Center enroute to MacDill AFB. - On March 26, 2003 I caught these comms between Airforce One and Jacksonville Center (ATC). You'll hear AF1 contacting several different sectors in the JAX Center area. Frequencies this was recorded are 126.3500, 134.0000, 133.3250 MHz.
032303-cap.mp3 Combat Air Patrol (CAP) Mission over Central Florida 3/23/03. - On March 23rd, 2003 a CAP mission was conducted over Central Florda from 1100 EST to 1230 EST. Callsigns were CLAW 41 & CLAW 42 which in past CAP Missions were F-16's. Callsign OAKGROVE is NORAD. At the end CLAW 41 & 42 flow to and landed at Jacksonville International Airport. Space between each transmission was deleted to make a smaller file. Near the beginning you'll hear about 20 seconds of static, this was an encryped transmission between CLAW and OAKGROVE. Near the end of this audio recording you'll hear pilots talking about the U.S. POW's which were captured by Iraq this morning in Iraq.
031903-acm.mp3 Mock Dog Fights off The Northern Florida Coast - On March 19, 2003 this is the audio from Air Combat Maneuvering Exercises (ACM) off the coast of Florida
sts107launch.mp3 STS-107 Columbia Launch The Last Ride - Recorded from my Dayton Beach house hear the comms on 259.7000 during Endeavours landing at the Kennedy Space Center. This is the last launch of Columbia as it was lost on landing on 2/1/03. Launch audio recorded on 1/16/03, for more info Click Here
sts113landing.mp3 STS-113 Shuttle Endeavour Landing - Recorded from my Dayton Beach house hear the comms on 259.7000 during Endeavours landing at the Kennedy Space Center. These transmissions were recorded off one of my Uniden BC780 XLT scanners using the AntennaWarehouse ScannerBeam antenna. The first transmission you'll hear was when the shuttle was about 270 miles from my house.
sts113launch.mp3 STS-113 Shuttle Endeavour Launch - Record from my Dayton Beach house hear the comms on 259.7000 during Endeavours climb to orbit. Hear the famous "Go at Throttle Up" radio call and more. Recorded on 11/23/02, for more info Click Here
f15cokebottle.mp3 Coke Bottle Opening in F15 EagleHear what a Coke sounds like being opened inside an F15 Eagle. This was from an Air-Air freq of 2 F15's flying CAP (Combat Air Patrols) over central Florida.
flightestmach.mp3 MACH 1.2 Flight Test Unknown aircraft (probably an F-14 Tomcat) being test flown at MACH 1.2. You'll enjoy the pilots comments! Recorded from a Grumman Flight Test frequency in the St. Augustine, FL area on 9/12/02.
dabemergency.mp3 Citation Jet Emergency at Daytona Beach - Jet looses static system making the Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator and Airspeed indicator useless. Normally not a major deal however this day was an IFR (in the clouds) day making it an actual emergency. Recorded on 7/22/02, for more info Click Here
united93-x.wav United Flight 93 Audio from 9/11/01 - United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked on September 11, 2001 near Cleveland, Ohio. The aircraft crashed some time later in a field in south-western Pennsylvania. For more info on this recording Click Here This audio is Courtesy of Airdisaster.com
tbirdcomms1.mp3 AirForce Thunderbirds at DAB 11/11/01- Full Show Audio! - While the US ThunderBirds were at Daytona Beach in 2001 I setup the scanner to record the Air-Air Audio. Since this is MP3 don't worry about the 10 Meg file size as it will stream to your computer. For more info on this recording Click Here