03/01/21 16:36:58 UTC
276.500 MHz
Mid air re-fueling training
02/26/21 18:37:21 UTC
238.900 MHz
(Corrected) R135 COBRA55 (62-4129) transiting southern WI
02/26/21 18:35:29 UTC
238.900 MHz
KC135 COBRA55 (62-4129) transiting southwest WI
02/25/21 20:20:31 UTC
252.100 MHz
MASH82 20 min out looking for parking with one writeup
02/25/21 18:52:01 UTC
319.175 MHz
air/air chat and heading for the tanker KC135 just left Grissom on flightradar

02/14/21 02:49:06 UTC
132.550 MHz
02/12/21 07:43:49 UTC
121.500 MHz
02/12/21 07:41:41 UTC
123.300 MHz
02/12/21 07:40:05 UTC
252.100 MHz
02/12/21 07:38:31 UTC
281.025 MHz
02/12/21 07:31:27 UTC
243.000 MHz
02/12/21 07:29:55 UTC
123.550 MHz

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Company Review

My First Experince with Davis RF!

I Will Never Purchase From Davis RF AGAIN!!!!

I phoned in an order to Davis RF on 3/1/2005 for some coax and ladder line. I was told by a lady on the phone that my order would be shipped that same day. One week later when it still did not arrive I called and was given the story that the coax I ordered was out of stock. I asked "why didn't you tell me that a weekago instead of telling me my order was being shipped that same day".

I understand that while placing the order on 3/1 there might have been an oversight but Davis RF had both my email address and telephone number to inform me of the problem. BUT CHOOSE TO NEVER DO SO!

Then to add insult to injury she looked up my order and said "I might have a scrap piece of coax 100' long in the basement". Now if she had a 100' piece today, why didn't she have any on 3/1???? Of course I simply cancelled the order. Once I lose trust with one company I never will do business with them again.

You may have had good experience with Davis RF but I have not and are not afraid to let the world know.