03/01/21 16:36:58 UTC
276.500 MHz
Mid air re-fueling training
02/26/21 18:37:21 UTC
238.900 MHz
(Corrected) R135 COBRA55 (62-4129) transiting southern WI
02/26/21 18:35:29 UTC
238.900 MHz
KC135 COBRA55 (62-4129) transiting southwest WI
02/25/21 20:20:31 UTC
252.100 MHz
MASH82 20 min out looking for parking with one writeup
02/25/21 18:52:01 UTC
319.175 MHz
air/air chat and heading for the tanker KC135 just left Grissom on flightradar

02/14/21 02:49:06 UTC
132.550 MHz
02/12/21 07:43:49 UTC
121.500 MHz
02/12/21 07:41:41 UTC
123.300 MHz
02/12/21 07:40:05 UTC
252.100 MHz
02/12/21 07:38:31 UTC
281.025 MHz
02/12/21 07:31:27 UTC
243.000 MHz
02/12/21 07:29:55 UTC
123.550 MHz

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HF Major World Air Route Areas and Frequencies

Just like our VHF/UHF network of Air Route Traffic Control Centers here in the United States there is a simular network of Control for International/Worldwide fights. This set of frequencies use the HF bands due to the great distances communications needs to exist. This HF network is known as the Major World Air Route Areas (NWARA). All HF communications in this network are USB unless otherwise noted.

As war breaks out in the Middle East you'll want to keep your radios tuned to these frequencies as our US Military aircraft will have to fly through these areas and communicate with the controlling agency.

Granted must HF Military airtraffic will be found on the US Airforce High Frequency Global Communications System (HF-GCS) formly known simply as the Global High Frequency System (GHFS).

The ICAO HF Enroute Network is broken down into 11 different areas known as Major World Air Route Areas (NWARA). Below are each of the 11 areas. This website is still a work in progress however I'm working on the areas which would be the most useful during a Middle Eastern war. Below you can click on the area of interest and it will take you to a page with HF frequencies as well as a coverage map for that area. The first areas which I'll be working on are the North America and Middle East area.

NWARA - Major World Air Route Area
Click on the area of interest.
North America Mil.Aircaft enroute to Middle East could be heard here!
South America
South Atlantic
Indian Ocean
Middle East Area 1 Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Western Iran, Eastern Egypt, Turkey
Middle East Area 2 & 3 India, Afghanistan, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Russia, Kzakhstan
North Central Asia
East Asia
South East Asia

This website may be linked to for non-commercial purposes without permission. Links to individual maps is not permitted. Commercial use of the maps or the information they contain (including commercial website displays) is strictly prohibited.