03/01/21 16:36:58 UTC
276.500 MHz
Mid air re-fueling training
02/26/21 18:37:21 UTC
238.900 MHz
(Corrected) R135 COBRA55 (62-4129) transiting southern WI
02/26/21 18:35:29 UTC
238.900 MHz
KC135 COBRA55 (62-4129) transiting southwest WI
02/25/21 20:20:31 UTC
252.100 MHz
MASH82 20 min out looking for parking with one writeup
02/25/21 18:52:01 UTC
319.175 MHz
air/air chat and heading for the tanker KC135 just left Grissom on flightradar

02/14/21 02:49:06 UTC
132.550 MHz
02/12/21 07:43:49 UTC
121.500 MHz
02/12/21 07:41:41 UTC
123.300 MHz
02/12/21 07:40:05 UTC
252.100 MHz
02/12/21 07:38:31 UTC
281.025 MHz
02/12/21 07:31:27 UTC
243.000 MHz
02/12/21 07:29:55 UTC
123.550 MHz

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US EC-130's Broadcasting to IRAQ
Wednesday 12/18/02

On Monday (12/16/02) EC-130's started dropping leaflets to advertise "Information Radio" can be heard from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., at five frequencies.

The broadcasts of Arabic music and anti-Saddam messages have begun said Pentagon spokesman Lt. Daniel D. Hetlage. But the program only became known Monday when the Central Command said it had dropped 480,000 leaflets over the southern no-fly zone in Iraq, including some alerting the Iraqis to radio frequencies and times to tune in to the American broadcasts.

The times of these broadcasts are 1500 - 2000 UTC (1800-2300 Hrs Local Iraq Time)

You should have no problem receiving these broadcasts. When the EC-130 was broadcasting propaganda during the early parts of the Afgan war Commando Solo broadcasts were received very well at my location (Daytona Beach, FL).

More Info on the EC-130E Commando Solo Aircraft including pictures.

Air Force EC-130E Commando Solo Freqs.

693 KHz AM
756 KHz AM
4500 KHz
Broadcasting on this Freq started on 3/28.
Thanks Matt for the heads up!
AM or USB?
9715 KHz AM or USB?
11292 KHz AM or USB?
100.4 MHz FM