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DebugMode 01/22/21 16:29:45 284.5 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Navy Lima Lima 87 with Sealord. Request clearance back to Nas Jax for full stop.
DebugMode 01/22/21 16:23:59 273.9 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Gator## has issue rtb Jax. SOF button #9
DebugMode 01/21/21 01:03:04 363.350 WAUCONDA, IL BADGER 1 thru 4
DebugMode 01/20/21 23:45:51 289.2 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Various flts with Pinecastle ops
DebugMode 01/20/21 23:21:36 333.3 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Wildcat flight a2a on a range. Too weak to be Pinecastle. F18s out of NAS Oceana. This is Quad 3 frequency.
DebugMode 01/20/21 23:04:40 311.0 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Louie 12 with McDill. One write up.
DebugMode 01/20/21 22:33:48 225.35 JACKSONVILLE, FL Ram flt F18 at Pinecastle
DebugMode 01/20/21 21:05:30 225.35 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Hammer 31 exiting Pinecastle range
DebugMode 01/20/21 15:17:49 316.3 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Fang flt 125th
DebugMode 01/20/21 15:16:34 293.6 DAYTONA BEACH, FL 125th gators, fangs
DebugMode 01/19/21 15:52:19 248.650 DAYTON, OH aux. 6, toledo stings A-A
DebugMode 01/16/21 18:26:44 252.100 WAUCONDA, IL JOKER (missed the numbers in the callsign)
DebugMode 01/16/21 16:23:24 321.000 PLAINWELL, MI Number 1 failure to start.....
DebugMode 01/16/21 16:10:28 311.000 TAMPA, FL RATS 59 (KC-135R) off the ground at 1600.
DebugMode 01/16/21 14:30:10 321.000 WAUCONDA, IL UPSET BREWER 61
DebugMode 01/13/21 18:46:32 319.175 ALGER, OH fort wayne A-10's, air2 air
DebugMode 01/13/21 18:44:39 226.025 ALGER, OH fort wayne A-10's, air2air
DebugMode 01/11/21 15:49:38 75.300 ALBEMARLE, NC 75.300 FM. Same chirp/encryption sounds as heard on 01-06-21 on 75.65 and on 01-07-21 on 75.75FM. 96-6042 AE272C currently orbiting area over Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge, south of KVUJ. VIKINGxx reported in area to KVUJ tower approx 1015h. No in the clear tx heard yet. -AJ
DebugMode 01/10/21 00:03:00 11.175 USB BARING, WA Callsign "Bradyfish" Standing by for traffic. Repeated three times, no response
DebugMode 01/07/21 17:03:30 225.35 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Vanguard, Rustic flts A10s hitting Pinecastle range
DebugMode 01/07/21 15:40:11 289.2 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Pinecastle range ops. Active today 9-5:30pm.. Inert ord
DebugMode 01/07/21 15:39:38 289.2 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Pinecastle range ops. Active today 9-5:30pm.. Inert ord
DebugMode 01/07/21 15:33:14 293.6 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Gators and Fangs going at each other. F15s FANG
DebugMode 01/07/21 15:29:58 225.35 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Rustic 22 flight exiting Pinecastle. Was attacking urban site.
DebugMode 01/07/21 15:29:55 225.35 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Rustic 22 flight exiting Pinecastle. Was attacking urban site.
DebugMode 01/07/21 15:25:47 225.35 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Turbo 23 putting 30mm on Pinecastle range
DebugMode 01/07/21 15:12:41 140.325 DAYTONA BEACH, FL A2a chatter. Flying past speedway in Daytona
DebugMode 01/07/21 15:06:45 140.325 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Unknown aircraft targeting watercraft. Maybe Lake George. Have this as Moody A10 a2a
DebugMode 01/07/21 01:10:19 11.175 USB BARING, WA Callsign "Vallerous" Sending EAM Messages
DebugMode 12/28/20 16:46:28 340.0500 CAPE MAY, NJ Angry flight of F16s air-to-air
DebugMode 12/25/20 18:45:52 260.900 TAMPA, FL NATION 30 (KC-135R) out of MacDill. Up with Huntress abour refuel for CAP
DebugMode 12/22/20 15:35:19 225.35 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Pinecastle range is hot
DebugMode 12/22/20 15:34:24 253.7 DAYTONA BEACH, FL Gator and Fang flights intercepts
DebugMode 12/18/20 18:35:43 303.000 MOLINE, IL USAF LJ35 flight of COUGR05, COUGR17 and COUGR55 en route from Madison, WI, to St. Louis, MO. Coordinating plans.
DebugMode 12/17/20 20:38:18 311.000 WAUCONDA, IL CHIEF INDIA MOTOWN QUARTERBACK
DebugMode 12/16/20 00:11:50 338.150 ALGER, OH ''stings'' headed towards moa
DebugMode 12/15/20 21:37:09 318.050 MOLINE, IL Unidentified aircraft checking in with Mad Dog regarding weather in Atlanta
DebugMode 12/15/20 17:12:42 379.825 ALBEMARLE, NC 379.825 AM A2A comms, very weak rx in Stanly Co NC, for past hour or so. J-STARS related? PEACH99, 92-3289, AE148A in the air racetracking over eastern NC currently. -AJ
DebugMode 12/12/20 21:56:48 122.300 BULLHEAD CITY, AZ sounded like tower activity
DebugMode 12/10/20 23:26:15 260.000 WAUCONDA, IL HUNTER
DebugMode 12/10/20 23:23:28 260.200 WAUCONDA, IL EDDIE41 and another chatting - only hearing EDDIE41 moved here from 240.350
DebugMode 12/10/20 23:18:21 240.350 WAUCONDA, IL EDDIE41
DebugMode 12/10/20 17:54:25 249.900 BENSON, NC TINCAN21 flight of two C17's talking with Bragg Range Control
DebugMode 12/10/20 17:53:33 348.65 BENSON, NC Valor21 (NAS Oceana F-18's?) checking in with washington center Flight of 2
DebugMode 12/10/20 16:50:26 120.175 TAMPA, FL PAT 219 landing at MacDill.
DebugMode 12/10/20 15:28:02 264.625 TAMPA, FL Avon Park activity, weak comms but I think it's SHARKS.
DebugMode 12/10/20 02:24:07 283.900 TAMPA, FL PIRATE 33 and KING 44
DebugMode 12/09/20 22:09:31 226.025 ALGER, OH colt 1,A-A,fort wayne a-10's
DebugMode 12/09/20 16:49:01 238.900 TAMPA, FL BACKY 32 (KC-46A) refeuling MAKOs at Avon Park.
DebugMode 12/09/20 14:23:41 120.175 TAMPA, FL YANKY 75 (KC-130J) in the pattern at MacDill.
DebugMode 12/09/20 13:54:10 134.750 TAMPA, FL REBEL 77 up with Miami Center. Just departed RSW Ft. Myers.
DebugMode 12/09/20 13:17:55 44.325 ALBEMARLE, NC 44.325FM A2A 7xH64s, coming from the east, doing low approach at KVUJ en route to Hickory KHKY. H60 apparently to join them. Ongoing since 0805h, 12-9-2020. -AJ
DebugMode 12/09/20 03:37:44 289.300 SIDNEY, OH colt1, colt2, fort wayne,ind. A-10's
DebugMode 12/08/20 21:42:41 363.350 WAUCONDA, IL BADGER2 F16 WI ANG
DebugMode 12/08/20 20:25:08 356.2500 BENSON, NC Corrected Freq for 20:16:39 post
DebugMode 12/08/20 20:23:03 336.22500 BENSON, NC Seymour Johnson F15's discussing use of flares for simulated drops.
DebugMode 12/08/20 20:20:37 249.9000 BENSON, NC Bragg Range Control: Talking with F18's and F15's about exercise
DebugMode 12/08/20 20:19:39 356.8500 BENSON, NC UNK Freq Use: SC 18's and SJ F'15 doing similared JDAM dropps near Ft. Bragg.
DebugMode 12/08/20 14:50:32 68.675 ALBEMARLE, NC 68.675FM PL151.4 A2A comms discussing transiting Montgomery Co (K43A), then Stanly Co (KVUJ), and then discussing how to contact Charlotte (KCLT). Ident as ARMY96(?)2(?)77, flight of 5 H64's to KVUJ on 126.275. Approx 0800 visually saw 6x H64's trasit over my area on approx the same heading as this group of 5, tho the flight of 6 appeared to be more aligned for Rowan Co (KRUQ). 12/8/2020 approx 0920-0935h. -AJ
DebugMode 12/07/20 17:01:31 311.000 TAMPA, FL BOLT 14 (KC-135R) with Lightning Ops, inbound with write ups.
DebugMode 12/07/20 15:19:35 120.175 TAMPA, FL KING 15 (HC-130J) inbound MacDill.
DebugMode 12/07/20 15:11:27 316.125 GRAVEL SWITCH, KY Muddy 41 and 42 F16s out of Toledo practice intercepts of aircraft violating TFR Buckeye MOA with HUNTRESS
DebugMode 12/06/20 20:02:01 317.750 TAMPA, FL CHAOS 43 departing Avon Park. CORRECTION, ground unit comms below were on 264.625 and not 292.200.
DebugMode 12/06/20 18:12:49 292.200 TAMPA, FL CHAOS 43 up with ground unit Oxblood 82.
DebugMode 12/06/20 18:06:26 264.625 TAMPA, FL CHAOS 43 (B-52H) up with Avon Park, 40 miles NW inbound. Was previously up on 292.200.
DebugMode 12/06/20 17:31:35 120.100 TAMPA, FL COUGAR 27 landing at Sarasota.
DebugMode 12/05/20 21:33:22 51.500 ALBEMARLE, NC 51.500FM, PL 151.4. Helo A2A: " Anson County there is a Citabria in traffic....why did they pick the name Citabria?" "chupacabra was already taken?" "inverted fuel is a sponge inside a coffee can..." Further discussion of Fayetteville (KFAY) and Mackall (KHFF). 12-5-2020, 1600-1615h. Prev noted in use by H64's. Excellent reception in Stanly Co NC, all rx'd with a RS800mhz antenna. -AJ
DebugMode 12/05/20 14:53:19 119.650 TAMPA, FL CG 1704 (HC-130H) up near Sarasota.
DebugMode 12/04/20 23:59:50 119.650 TAMPA, FL Navy LL846 (P-8A Posedon) inbound to Sarasota. Now up with tower on 120.100.
DebugMode 12/04/20 23:42:20 157.175 TAMPA, FL CG 6019 (MH-60T) helo calling Maintenance Control. No reply, this was CG Aux. but hear rarely anything now.
DebugMode 12/04/20 23:22:57 125.300 TAMPA, FL Navy 7E117 (Bell TH-57C SeaRanger) helo up with Tampa App.
DebugMode 12/04/20 20:59:52 124.6 CAPE MAY, NJ PAT 22 US Army Transport
DebugMode 12/02/20 14:40:16 264.625 TAMPA, FL COLT 31 at Avon Park.
DebugMode 12/01/20 22:52:13 120.100 TAMPA, FL CG6033 (MH-60T) also at Sarasota.
DebugMode 12/01/20 22:49:04 119.650 TAMPA, FL Navy LL808 (P-8A Poseidon) doing pattern work at Sarasota. Also up with tower on 120.100..

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