03/03/21 17:07:29 UTC
122.800 MHz
"GECKO06, no drop, no drop" Prob a C27J, tail#10-27030 (AE4CFE) at 12,500ft over KMEB vic. 3/3/2021, 1200hrs. -AJ
03/03/21 02:25:31 UTC
240.350 MHz
Mid air re-fueling training Eddie62
03/03/21 01:42:27 UTC
252.100 MHz
Correction MASH84 KC135 near Toledo OH
03/03/21 01:41:41 UTC
252.100 MHz
BRICKYARD MASH85 FL250 Code 2 one write up
03/02/21 17:58:17 UTC
276.500 MHz
Mid air re-fueling training

02/14/21 02:49:06 UTC
132.550 MHz
02/12/21 07:43:49 UTC
121.500 MHz
02/12/21 07:41:41 UTC
123.300 MHz
02/12/21 07:40:05 UTC
252.100 MHz
02/12/21 07:38:31 UTC
281.025 MHz
02/12/21 07:31:27 UTC
243.000 MHz
02/12/21 07:29:55 UTC
123.550 MHz

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Shuttle Photo I Personally had Taken of STS-108 (12/5/2001)

Using a Minolta 3XI camera with 100-300mm lens. I left the camera chose the settings and placed the Lens at 300mm. Film was Kodak 800 as the launch time was 5:19PM EST which is near dusk here in Florida at this time of the year. Of course to add to the excitement of the launch I had several scanners with me which allowed me to listen to all the Pre launch radio communications. This included comms between the Cape and the STA (Shuttle Training Aircraft) reguarding weather conditions. Its usaully the input of the STA pilots which will decide a Go/No-Go mission as was the case on the previous day. Also could listen to the Jet fighters and Helo-Gun ships which were orbiting the area providing extra security.

Any "rocket nuts" want to meet up with me for the next Shuttle (or expendable rocket) launch let me know. By being able to hear what's happening during the launch adds to the excitement of the entire event! I can be emailed at av8tor@licensed4fun.com

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