11/05/19 16:00:16 UTC
273.700 MHz
"..Ops, JACKPOT61...Who else is going to be using Poinsett in this go?" 11/4/2019 1050h. Good Rx in Stanly Co NC -AJ
10/29/19 23:28:09 UTC
134.3000 MHz
POLO 90 Talking Boston Center direct WEIRD
10/29/19 23:17:35 UTC
121.000 MHz
POLO90 clearance to Dover
10/29/19 23:01:01 UTC
132.7500 MHz
POLO90 doing touch and goes at Stewart
10/29/19 18:01:28 UTC
335.95 MHz
"RHODY push BeanBag for interplane."

11/17/19 20:13:41 UTC
148.625 MHz
A2A, some sort of fixed wing formation. "push to 128.8" @ 1451h. "257.1 for Command Post, Uniform 2" @1455h and discussing landing on Rwy05. Weak rx starting 1430h til last heard approx 1500h which were very good rx, 11/17/2019 -AJ
11/15/19 00:24:24 UTC
38.825 MHz
"Can you relay to TALON OPS we're about 30 minutes out from landing..." no response rx'd then "..Say again? Came in kinda garbled" A2A presumably, background noise indicates helo, and indeed bout 60 to 90 seconds later a helo passed from east to west over my position, in Stanly Co NC. Very good rx. 11/14/2019 1844h -AJ
11/05/19 16:32:28 UTC
271.4 MHz
Maryland air guard A-10s working Bollen Range, Indiantown Gap, PA.
11/02/19 21:48:24 UTC
225.000 MHz
"BACKY62, how do you hear this?" 11-02-2019 1258h. -AJ
10/30/19 15:39:25 UTC
140.125 MHz
"...ninety degree left turn..." 1057h 10-29-2019. Earlier in the morning and some on 10-28-2019 had noticed static tx's on this frequency in AM, and finally switched to FM and that was the last transmission rx'd on 140.125 since. Certainly worth watching. -AJ
10/29/19 14:52:14 UTC
238.9 MHz
Jake 31 calling for Maine 85 for refueling over Duke MOA
10/28/19 19:38:57 UTC
255.675 MHz
NL Volkel excercise

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Fleet Area Control & Surveillance Facility (FACSFAC) San Diego, Ca

To ensure the most efficient use of the sea and airspace in selected Fleet Operating Areas the Navy established Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facilities. The FACSFAC San Diego is the agency which oversees flights and operations for Warning Areas W-60, W-61, W-289, W-290 W-291, W-283, W-285A/B, W-260 and W-513 and for Restricted Area R-3107. FACSFAC San Diego call sign is "BEAVER".

Frequency Description Modulation
280.7000 NOCAL - W-60/61/289/290 Primary AM
270.5000 NOCAL - W-60/61/289/290 Secondary AM
3.2370 NOCAL - HF Vessel/Aircraft Underway USB
3.2380 NOCAL - HF Vessel/Aircraft Underway USB
5.0800 NOCAL - HF Vessel/Aircraft Underway USB
5.0815 NOCAL - HF Vessel/Aircraft Underway USB
290.1500 NOCAL - W-260/513 Primary AM
353.3500 NOCAL - W-260/513 Secondary AM
125.8250 NOCAL - W-260/513 VHF AM
328.4500 NOCAL - W-283/285 Primary AM
282.0500 NOCAL - W-283/285 Secondary AM
124.1250 NOCAL - W-283/285 VHF AM
282.8000 FACSFACSD SAR Coordination AM
266.9000 SOCAL - BEAVER Checkin/Out Pri North AM
314.7000 SOCAL - BEAVER Checkin/Out Sec North AM
389.9000 SOCAL - BEAVER Checkin/Out Pri South AM
285.7000 SOCAL - BEAVER Checkin/Out Sec South AM
120.8500 SOCAL - BEAVER Checkin/Out VHF North AM
118.6500 SOCAL - BEAVER Checkin/Out VHF South AM
308.1000 SOCAL - FACSFACSD Discrete Air-Air AM
273.1000 SOCAL - FACSFACSD Discrete Air-Air AM
301.1000 SOCAL - FACSFACSD Discrete Air-Air AM
354.9000 SOCAL - FACSFACSD Discrete Air-Air AM
315.3000 SOCAL - FACSFACSD Discrete Air-Air AM
344.1000 SOCAL - FACSFACSD Discrete Air-Air (NAOPA) AM
352.1000 SOCAL - FACSFACSD Discrete Air-Air (SOAR) AM